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“From the Sea to a Realm”

In the year of 1133 a small human fishing community fled the land of Telariam and established themselves in the land that has become known as Baldaria. Not alone in this new land, this people formed the most beneficial alliance with the Dwarven Hosts of Konrarakas and through this great partnership became a great Realm of the King Fisher’s Free Peoples. Through centuries of building and good ruling the Free Peoples have established themselves as a great economic power trading dwarven resources throughout the known world. However their survival has always been threatened by the dark forces of the Drow and of that same Great Evil that forced them to flee Telariam. Though the memory of this evil has faded into shadow, the Free People of the King Fisher recognize that the veneer of their civilization is fragile.

The King Fisher, direct descendant of all the Fisher Kings from the founding of the realm in the early 1100’s, ruled in Pasafel and maintained the trade routes through the ranger guard over land and a formidable navy on the seas. He worshiped the Nameless One who in principle is the ruling deity of the Realm of Free Peoples. This god is understood by many of the residents of the realm to be the primary creator of all things and who works through his servants – the lesser Gods of Good. However, the people have not heard from this God in many centuries, and there have been no direct signs no acts of power attributed to the Nameless One in generations. The Nameless One’s servants remain active and many find themselves in daily practice of making prayers to Heironeous, Kord, or Pelor who seem to be more accessible to the common man. In the Kingdom, any god of good or neutral character was tolerated by the King Fisher however deference was given to the gods of good whereas the gods of evil and chaos are banned from all public worship. Neutral gods are tolerated but are largely seen as the gods of pagan ‘non-human’ races.

Current Political Landscape of Free Peoples  (year 1434)

Recent events have shaken the confidence of this great people. Starting with the abduction of the King the Realm 12 years ago, the realm seems to be spinning into chaos. The roads are no longer safe from raids, the Lords quarrel, and a deep suspicion has begun to form a wedge in the dwarven alliance. Even the seas have grown restless and the once proud sea traders fear the deep blue.

Now that the King is missing, the influence of the Nameless One is waning and many of His temples have been abandoned and His worship practices forgotten. Local deities have begun to take primary roles in the lives of the people allowing local lords and Barons to further take advantage of the disunity for their own political gains. With the Fisher King gone, they are beginning to compete to position themselves to seize more power.

A loose alliance of Coastal cities is currently in direct revolt against Pasafel. The Coastal regions led by the city of Telaria has blamed the alliance with the dwarves of the Iron Kingdom of Konrarakas as being the downfall of the empire and have directly implicated the dwarves in the disappearance of the King Fisher. They accuse the Regent of Pasafel of orchestrating the King’s disappearance and believe the Regent to be under evil influence.

Into this time is our little party born and raised. They have not known a realm of peace and prosperity but have been forced into mercenary services to Lord Baldon. Lord Baldon has been an honorable employer and your cohort is strong, suffering few losses and becoming wealthy, all was reasonably well… at least until the last sortie into the Underdark.

Delving in Konrarakas

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