Delving in Konrarakas

Across the Great Divide

Following the visit to the mummies, the team took a trip to the mess hall. Apart from a mishap of the monk deciding to try her hand at thievery and taking a dart from a chest, there was some reasonable loot to be had but no battles to be fought.

Taking the middle path, then, led the party some 20 miles to a windy chasm. Cylgar decided to fly across, sprouting bat wings in the process rather than turning into a bird which would have been swept away. As this was going on, VeldrinChath cast a resist-cold spell on Thsera. After Cylgar secured the rope, Drax and Thsera soon followed and a peculiar-looking drow barred their path. Finding that the party would not be dissuaded, the drow revealed his draconic nature heralded by an icy blast. A haste spell from the beguiler facilitated the rest making it across in a timely manner. Cylgar cast a stronger resistance spell on the group, only to be rewarded by an arrow in the back from a sheepish-looking VeldrinChath, who then advanced to engage the dragon. Thsera in a flanking position nearly ripped the dragon’s throat out, as Lucian managed to underwhelm the ailing beast. Drax then arrived on the scene to put an end to the battle. After harvesting as much of the dragon as they could, the team set off to hopefully find the dragon’s lair.

In the room beyond, a pair of trapped dragon statues were deftly disarmed by Lucian. The left door off the room led to a short hall onto which was attached two more doors. Cylgar failed repeatedly to open one, while Drax blasted through the other revealing a room with a undead bearded half-fiend. The hirsute abomination bearded Drax mightily, weakening the barbarian in the process but taking a firm blow in retaliation. It then fled into invisibility, but was thwarted as the beguiler lent some of his sparkle to the foe. Veldrin attacked and missed, but a spell of cure-serious-wounds from the druid coupled with several solid hits from the barbarian’s sword finished the fight. The party was rewarded for their efforts with a magical ring and sceptre.

Back to the other door, Cylgar finally managed to break it in, allowing the party to loot the bedroom closet.

At the opposite side of the chamber with the dragon statues, a couple chests held some interesting finds. The wanderer found some stairs leading downward — little interest to the rest of the party save the barbarian. At its base was a room with a horrid undead hound-beast guarding a metal door. Veldrin tested out a skill not-yet-used in the adventure and surrounded himself with a cloud of blackness as he advanced to attack with Drax quick to the flanking position. Veldrin hit the brute, but when it attempted to retaliate it forgot its enemy only to be reminded by a vicious blow to its neck. Its next attack was more successful, and Veldrin released the cloud as it hindered friend more than foe. Shortly the rest of the party, drawn to the noise of the battle, arrived on the scene to join the fray. Drax and Thsera teamed up to do solid damage, and Cylgar used the healing wand as a coup de grace.

Cylgar then rusted the door revealing an armory beyond. The party took the opportunity to do a mass magic-detection of their prior booty.

While a productive haul, the party still hadn’t managed to locate anything resembling a dragon’s hoard. Their rest was well-earned nonetheless.


Also…Lucian, starring the dragon in its eyes, announced how awful fetching it looked in its pretty violet skin while singing the ballad “Willies, willies! I love willies!”

Across the Great Divide

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