Delving in Konrarakas

Sh*t! An Ambush!

Leaving the lair of the filth-eater troll, the adventurers were granted a reprieve by a walkway that went alongside the flow of sewage. Eventually they found themselves in yet another room with the walkway continuing along one side to the opposite end. As they carefully made their way to the other side, Lucian noticed a secret door on the side. Further investigation revealed a small nozzle suspicious for a poison gas trap. As attempts to disarm it were unsuccessful, the party agreed that it would be a good idea to clear the exit from the room before triggering the trap with opening the secret door.

The drainage tunnel was wider than the entry and went a short ways before meeting with a heavily secured gate. Just as Lucian and Veldrin were working to open the gate, the party was attacked. A large ballista bolt narrowly missed Lucian’s head – trying to eliminate what memories the rock blow had allowed to remain. A vial missed Veldrin and failed to shatter. Drax was not so fortunate as his vial enveloped him in caustic nauseating gas.

No one knew yet who their attackers were – only that the attack vaguely came from the direction in which they entered. Hasty preparations were made to deal with the unknown assailants. Lucian made himself invisible while VeldrinChath protected himself from further poison attacks. The timing was fortunate in that shortly an arrow struck him. Cylgar made steps to drive away the darkness, finally finding a use for the stone he had liberated from the drow mines. His sun-stone revealed 4 drow in a balcony, the female of which was quick to send a ray of dark energy in his direction which failed to find its mark. Drax remained sickened, but managed to open the secret passage, resulting in the release of yet more of the noxious gas.

With a defined target, the crew went about attacking them. Lucian hasted himself and Cylgar, who turned the stone under the drow’s feet to spikes, injuring them and slowing their movement. Hurling his sun-stone into their midst dazzled their sensitive eyes, while Lucian afflicted them with vertigo causing one to topple into the grime forthwith.

The female managed to back up beyond the effect of the spikes, while the remaining drow were ineffective. Veldrin moved into the secret tunnel, but the spikes in the balcony above prevented him from taking further action until everything in the area had been dealt with. Cylgar made efforts to advance that goal by summoning an earth elemental which charged a drow knocking it over the edge to join the first. He then transformed into a squid in order to deal with the first drow who had fallen in. Drax strode toward the second. Lucian self-xeroxed and started climbing the walls and ceiling to come after the drow female.

The female spell-slinger found this sight a bit intimidating and took away the beguiler’s spells, dropping him onto the squid below. The remaining archer fired his bow at Veldrin behind the door, but the door provided more than ample cover. As Lucian made his way toward the secret passage, Cylgar grappled the first drow to drag him under and drown him and Drax nearly split the second in two. The earth elemental knocked the final drow off the balcony into the slime, never to re-emerge. The sound of grating stone suggested the female had chosen to try to escape rather than attack, and Lucian sent word to Cylgar that the spikes were no longer needed.

With the spikes gone, Veldrin and Lucian rushed onto the balcony to pursue the female, only to find a stone door before them. The earth elemental was able to go through much more easily than the elves, but he would not be long remaining on this plane and so couldn’t be counted on to be as effective against the spellcaster as it was against the archers. The rest of the party arrived and tried to remove the obstacle. Disabling the latching apparatus was ineffective, and attacking the stone outright marred it but did little to grant passage. Lucian’s amnesia lifted sufficiently for him to remember the knock spell he learned for just such occasions as these.

Beyond the door, the empty room they were confronted with did little to reassure them. Indeed, as he was stalking forward to try to survey the extent of the room, a magical glyph struck pain into the heart of Lucian. The room beyond presented two doors to try to pursue. While the party was discussing how best to open one of the doors, Veldrin listened at the other and heard evidence of hasty preparations being made.

The barbarian was pleased with the opportunity to thoroughly bash in the door. Lucian, seeing the spellcaster preparing to do something magical that the party was bound not to like, silenced her very effectively with a spell. Cylgar then charged the drow and exchanged blows, though he got the worse side of the bargain as negative energy from the drow’s mace coursed into his body. Veldrin, finally having an opportunity to attack someone, landed a blow imbalancing the foe. Drax attacked next, putting a definitive end to the fray.

Looting the room and the various bodies provided the party with decent armor upgrade in the form of mithril shirts. The mace, two rings, a longbow, gloves, and a scroll-case were other items of particular note. Unfortunately, the scroll-case was trapped, striking Lucian with the same negative energy as dealt by the mace. The party also found some notes of potentially tactical significance, learning that 3 units of guards were ordered to guard a passage, the third of which provided goblin names for 2 magical and 2 warrior combatants.

The adventurers then decided to find out what was behind door number two. Rather than any opposition, they found a prisoner in the form of a dwarven monk chained to the wall. After much debating they decided she would bring some useful dungeoneering and stonework insight which the party was otherwise short on. Finally, though, they were swayed by her persuasive argument of “I’m the most powerful person here, now untie me!” As the beguiler wracked his addled brain for a useful spell and the druid and barbarian prepared to try to hack the manacles off (though hopefully not the wrists they bound), the blind elf found a set of keys sitting on a desk and the captive was freed.



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