Delving in Konrarakas

Beyond the Murder Holes

After trudging along the river road for several hours, the party was halted by a fissure in the wall though which scraping sounds could be heard. Lucian prepared invisibility and haste spells as the group awaited their approaching guest. As soon as the lumbering umber hulk made its way through the fissure, it was greeted by hits from Drax, VeldrinChath, and Thsera with a flaming sphere sent by Cylgar and a slow spell from Lucian. It managed to bite Thsera and Drax scarpered off before it succumbed to more blows from Thsera and VeldrinChath. Retracing the fissure to its lair, the party found some new equipment to use in their plight, including a two-handed sword in runed black scabbard for the barbarian, and a ring with some wicked-seeming elvish runes which was taken up by the wicked-seeming elf.

Returning to the road, it didn’t take long before the dwarf spied the door and revealed it to the rest. The dwarvish statuette turned out to be the key to open it, and beyond the group was confronted with a room whose central path is completely surrounded by slits. The party decided they didn’t trust the trap-appearance of the room, and spider-climbed along the ceiling rather than taking the obvious road. On the far end of the room, a pair of portculli blocked further progress. With a bit of effort applied to the first, they got it up about 12” – enough to get in between the two. The second, however, was more recalcitrant. Cylgar became a viper to allow him passage to a winching mechanism beyond, but that only operated the first portcullis. He disarmed the ballistas aimed through the grate, and a rusting touch from him decrepified a passage through the second portcullis.

From the lit room beyond, the adventurers chose a passage that took them up to a room with several slabs with bodies and another winch mechanism. A spell from the beguiler revealed a necromantic glyph so he webbed the 6 smaller bodies in preparation for the group’s assault on the trap. Drax marched to the winch which awoke the bodies and activated a very loud horn.

Veldrin hurled a couple of the ballista bolts into the large one, and Lucian missed with his bow. Drax and Thsera moved closer to prepare for combat. Cylgar fired a moonbeam at the largest foe, as 3 of the smaller managed to fight off the web enough to arise. Veldrin threw another bolt into one of these, but Lucian and Drax froze in fear. Thsera stumbled spectacularly in an attack of the large creature which ended with her managing to hit it anyway. Cylgar hurled an ice lance to satisfying effect. Veldrin then attacked one of the smaller and closer enemies while Thsera pummeled the large one. Cylgar made use of positive energy on the closest smaller enemy to cure it to death. The large foe finally found its movement and attacked Thsera, causing a rotting blight to infest her arm. One of the smaller ones made its way out of the web and attacked Drax. Veldrin attacked another of the smaller creatures, and Lucian regained his wits sufficiently to shoot an acid arrow into the large one. Drax finally gained his opportunity to use his new blade – solid black with an indistinct edge to it – and used it to promptly slay the large foe. Cylgar laughed as he moved into a better position but was cut short as one of the remaining creatures hit and attempted to slam him. Another dealt Drax a grievous wound but was quickly dispatched by VeldrinChath. Drax and Cylgar killed two more while Lucian and Thsera were less effectual with their attacks. Drax dispatched yet another and everyone in the party who fought hand-to-hand waded into the web to deal with the remaining. Hits from Thsera, Cylgar, and even Lucian’s bow weakened the last fiend, allowing Drax to deal the finishing blow. Apart from a healing wand in the slab of the ogrish mummy, these foes only contributed some mundane dwarven gear to the party’s interests.

Thsera’s rot was able to be cured, but with Drax’s serious injury the party was forced to rest before trying any other passages.



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