Delving in Konrarakas

Take me to the River

The party of intrepid adventurers, having rescued the dwarven monk, resumed pursuing the flow of offal in search of escape. Their next tunnel granted them the mercy of having a dry path alongside the sewage which eventually opened into a long and slightly wider room.

As Drax led the way, he and his mail were nearly cloven in twain as a blade trap slung an adamantite scythe through him. The newest member earned her keep by pulling the barbarian from the flow and stabilizing his wounds. Foes on both sides of the stream were revealed, and VeldrinChath charged a hobgoblin on the right, exchanging blows. Cylgar conjured an ice lance which made short work of one of the enemy. The goblins added magic to their might in laying down a web to encumber the heroes. Suddenly, a giant of fire was conjured by the beguiler, setting blaze to a path and striking terror into the hearts of the enemy. Veldrin dispatched his combatant and made to engage another nearby. In their retaliation, the goblins sent forth another spell, hit Veldrin, and hurled spears at the flaming brute and the druid. As the party slowly advanced, Veldrin managed to slay his remaining foe, and the threat of the Fiery Man finally was too much for the remaining enemies, as one fled to the river of filth, never to be seen again, and the wizard and another fled through a door.

Part of the party then tended to wounds and the adamantite scythe, while the monk and wanderer gave pursuit downward through the hall beyond. The rest of the party soon rejoined. Overtaking the fleeing quarry, the dwarf weilded iron fists, as only a dwarven monk could. Veldrin crashed into the wall, as only a blind pursuer could. A cold spell injures the wanderer, but caused fatal collateral damage to the goblin warrior. A poison globule caused harm to neither friend nor foe. After a blanket of silence descended, the monk succeeded in pounding the goblin spellslinger whereas the goblin failed in its attack against the barbarian. Drax repaid insult with injury and wounded the fiend. Cylgar sent a thunderhead against the spellcaster, while Lucian was less effective in his endeavors. The team joined forces to finish the battle, with Veldrin and Thsera landing blows, and a haste spell from Lucian allowing them to repeat the process.

Thereafter, their wanderings found fresher air as the door from this last room finally led out into the caverns containing the underground river which promised eventual egress. After a brief pause for much-needed baths, the party took up the path which gradually improved revealing dwarven workmanship. From strewn boulders to the side of the path, though, more enemy were to be found. The battle began with the bang of a great fireball, but then was mired by a web cast by enemy spellcasters. Cylgar summoned dire wolves, and a goblin near Drax dealt him a savage blow. Veldrin managed to skirt the web enough to kill one of the attackers, and the barbarian mustered his forces into a frightful rage. Thsera reached the spellcasters and succeeded in landing a blow, but was rewarded with a magic missile. The dire wolves were made even more effective with a haste spell from Lucian, and made quick work of the goblin fighters. Seeking a quick way through the water around the icy barricade the spellcasters raised, Veldrin hopped on the back of one of the wolves. The effort was unnecessary, though, as Thsera slew the last of the enemy.

The heroes, many nearly depleted, were rewarded with a chance to rest and recouperate, to heal their wounds. Yet, they emerged from their ordeals stronger and greater than when they began as they readied themselves for the ascent toward the light.


Haha! “cured it to death”...

...also, Lucian’s a poof!

Take me to the River

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