Delving in Konrarakas

To the Lost City

Having ransacked the dwarven armory, the party turned its attention to the unexplored room. Before the door was even breached, slurping sounds were heard from the interior of the room which promptly stopped as Drax kicked the door in. Anticipating an oncoming battle, Lucian hasted the party as they strode forward. The floor was strewn with myriad bones, increasing as the party neared and ascended the spiral stairs to one end. Waiting for them were a pair of bone-slurping tentacled undead. Thsera leapt up the stairs and promptly engaged the enemy, quickly joined by Cylgar and VeldrinChath. Lucian fired arrows from below as Drax joined the fray up the stairs. The monk pummeled the beasts as they lashed about with their tentacles grabbing Drax by the neck and severely injuring him. Cylgar brambled his club and scored a hit, along with Veldrin and Lucian. Drax managed to break free of its grasp and raged himself into better combat form. Thsera pounded her adversary back to its grave, but the remaining foe lashed at Cylgar dealing a savage blow. Fortunately, Cylgar too managed to escape and dealt some more damage in return. Veldrin managed to hit the bone slurper and narrowly managed not to hit Thsera. Drax then finished the battle with a swing of his blade.

After a brief pause for some much-needed healing, Lucian led the way through the door at the top of the stairs to begin searching the even deeper pile of bones beyond. Much to the party’s dismay, the bones began rising and swirling, boning Lucian in the process. Veldrin managed to land a couple of blows on the forming serpentine torrent of bones as Lucian renewed his haste spell. Thsera then managed to damage it before it fell with great fury upon Lucian who nearly parted with his skeletal system. Drax joined the battle but didn’t manage to be as useful in this fight. Cylgar showed the bone-snake his moon power but apparently wasn’t impressive enough. Veldrin landed another hit as Lucian wisely ran his skeleton away from the monstrosity trying to lay claim to his skull. The druid then sent a column of fire into the heart of the flailing bones and Veldrin struck a few final blows such that the serpent was unformed. Loot scattered amongst the debris included a Scimitar of Wounding which VeldrinChath found of especial interest.

The bone fiends did not (quite) destroy the party of adventurers, thus it made them stronger. After that much action, they needed time to rest, heal, and go over their improving skills. Following an uneventful rest period, they set out once again in quest for the upper world. A secret door proved an irresistible detour, leading to an interminably-long set of stairs. Eventually the stairs led to a cavern which opened into the chasm on one side. The other held the hoard of the dragon slewn recently above. Lucian persuaded Thsera that relinquishing the bag of holding would be in the best interest of her holy cause, and the group proceeded to collect anything of notable value. Lucian was especially pleased to find a scintillating robe to match his personality – a few twirls in the which were sufficient to turn him into a one-elf disco.

Returning to the main egress, the party approached another branch of the chasm, crossed by a stone bridge with battlements visible on the other side. Thsera led the way across the bridge, but it was Cylgar who was able to get beyond the portcullis as a snake in order to open it from the other side. After hiking down an extensive passage, the adventurers came to a wide cavern containing several rooms. At the final room, some sounds of occupancy could be heard within but the door could not be opened. Since the inhabitant was aware of the group’s attempts to open the door, the group decided to try to wait it out. This did not take long, since the long-tongued brute within burst forth and hit Thsera but didn’t manage to get its tongue into the wound. Veldrin made full use of his new skills and scimitar by slitting the monster’s throat and then knocking its head the rest of the way off with his mace.

Another long passage led on to an immense cavern containing an abandoned city. Since the group was looking for the way out of the city, they explored the periphery. To the right side of the city, they came to a palace with immense stone doors not amenable to opening from the outside. Cylgar became an owl to access the structure from an upper window. When he was unable to work the enormous door bolt alone, Lucian provided spider-climb spells to send the rest of the party in. With any luck, the palace would contain the passage upward.


Lucian, intuiting the profound male-ness of the the “bone-slurper”, tried to dry-hump it to death.

To the Lost City

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