• Cylgar Nuada

    Cylgar Nuada

    A tall, stocky half-orc draped in pelts and the usual wild ornaments of a druid - torc, bracelets, and armbands, weird fetishes of hide, ivory, and bone - animal and humanoid, - adorning his arms and legs, and an immense brown brown at his heel.
  • Lucian Siannodel

    Lucian Siannodel

    Beguiler, relentless flirt, man about town.
  • Thsera Gimdukr

    Thsera Gimdukr

    A stocky dwarven woman clad in plain rough-spewn clothing, Thsera radiates a sense of calm and wholeness, but her calloused hands and the golden shimmer of her skin suggest that this dwarf knows how to handle herself in a rough situation.
  • VeldrinChath


    That blind beggar doesn't look so much like a beggar on closer inspection.