Cities of the Inland

Cities of the Inlands

Felcar -Ruled by: Baron Sloantic & Mistress Elaindo Favored Diety Pelar Pop est 5000, (mostly Human but with both Elvin and Halfling populations) Felcar is the crossroads of the empire the great Darrion and Folsom Rivers meet at this city, both are navigable all the way to the ocean. Barges form both Konrakas, the Halfling Mines, and the forests of Hargrove frequently pass through the locks of this bustling city. Caravans from Pasafel make their way to the Coastal cities for trade (or did so before the troubles began). Baron Sloantic is a Paladin of Pelar and has for moral reasons allied himself with Pasafel against the coastal cities, however this has deeply harmed the economy of his city and many of the court question his logic.

Alcon -Ruled by: Lord Smitty Favored Diety: Pelar Pop est: 4000 (human with large Elvin contingencies) Alcon is primarily a fortress and port city for the river of Folsom. Its stalwart walls act as a first defense for the city of Pasafel. If an actual civil war between the coast and Pasafel breaks out, Alcon will be a key to victory, in fact coastal cities project that the capture of this fortress would lead to capitulation. The Regent of Pasafel is well aware of this and has made every effort to cement a strong alliance with Lord Smitty. Alcon has suffered little economic deprivations due to the conflict and is largely subsidized by the Regent.

Pasafel -Ruled by: Re’gent Solranis and Princess Diantris Pop est 18,000 (11,000 Human, 6000 dwarf, 1000 other races) Re’gent Solranis is the King Davineous’s (the Fisher King’s) top general and advisor who was established as second in command prior to the King’s disappearance. He is married to the King’s only child, princess Diantris. The King is a widower and was currently unmarried at the time of his disappearance. Re’gent Solranis is also the Lord Enforcer of the Shield of the Royal Rangers who form that backbone or Pasafels defense and were the chief enforcers of the Kings highways. Since the King’s disappearance Solranis has chosen to barrack his forces in the cities of Pasafel and Alcon and they are no longer able to maintain the King’s highways. Pasafel was built in a great canyon with the assistance of the dwarves of the Iron Kingdom. A dwarven city penetrates the cliff sides just as human dwellings line the cliffs and fill the canyon floor. Two immense walls guard both entrances into this canyon city. Fertile high plains and shelves provide the agricultural resources for the city and all of the production is protected by the walls and cliffs of this magnificent city. Great bridges built by the dwarves crisscross the airways above the city and great towers and mansions protrude from the floor of the chasm. Pasafel is truly a wonderful city to behold, however the decay of a poor economy has begun to take its toll. It is a city that could withstand a siege indefinitely due to the natural resources within its walls it is truly the jewel of the continent.

Cities of the Inland

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