Coastal Cities Overview

North Watch -Ruled by : Lord Carpel & Lady of the Lights Favored deity of lord: Fharlanghn (neutral deity of Travel) Pop: 3000 (dominated by human, significant elvin) Highly influenced by Elvin society, always highly independent from Kingdom even while the Fisher King was enthroned, economy based largely on fishing and sea trade. Is tentatively allying self with Teleria but still maintains high level of neutrality – not yet convinced of need for outright conflict with Pasafel.

Campton -Ruled by: Lord Tendareon Favoved Deity: Kord (chaotic good, deity of strength) Pop: 5000 (dominated by human) Closely aligned to Teleria, has an active exchange of cohorts with city of Teleria. Prince Mentastilin is married to Princess Vancelia of Teleria. Campton is probably the greatest human industrial city of realm produces most of the arms and leather works.

Teleria -Ruled by: Lord Baron Eusticeen & Baroness Flangential Favored diety of Lord: Kord (chaotic good, diety of strength) Pop. 8000 (dominated by human) Seat of power of the coastal region, harbor town the King Fisher’s entire realm, door to the world. Currently blockading all dwarven exports from Pasafel with the exception of specialized items only dwarves are capable of producing, however even these have such high tariffs that the profit of production has been negated. Instead products from Camptom are now prioritized for export. Teleria is attempting full self sufficiency from Pasafel. It is interesting to note that this city state no longer bans the gods of evil and chaos from being worshiped openly.

Swampton -Ruled by: Not currently known Favored Diety: Not currently known Pop estimated 8000 (largely mixed but with majority human) This city state was at the best of times barely under the control of the Fisher King. Now it is largely suspected to be under the influences of chaos. It is also suspected of being primarily responsible for the tragic loss of the King’s Navy through a new alliance with an evil empire from the east. However much is speculation and not much is known.

Coastal Cities Overview

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