That blind beggar doesn't look so much like a beggar on closer inspection.


Class: Blind Wanderer 1, Ranger 6

AC: 12 (leather)

HP: Vitality 52, Wound 13

Stats: Str: 14 Dex: 20 Con: 13 Int: 11 Wis: 18 Cha: 10

Attack Base: 7/2 single weapon; +2 strength, -2/-2 dual weapon (long sword, short sword)

Save: Fort 6, Ref 12, Will 8

Initiative: +9


Solitary in nature, he has never revealed much about his origins. It has been mused whether he knows or cares himself. What is known about him is that he was raised in a village of high-elves by one of the elders. How he came by the drow part of his heritage, or why his features often seem more predatory than even a full drow, have never been spoken of. While his youth was characterized by moodiness and unpredictability, when he began a druidical apprenticeship it was thought that he had finally found the right niche for himself, as he responded so favorably to the wisdom and training in that role and showed remarkable aptitude.

When he chose the life of a ranger instead of a druid, his mentor was sad but comforted that VeldrinChath would still be able to take advantage of his lessons and experiences. Indeed, the profession helped to provide the balance to facets of his personality that his training helped him to realize he would need. It came as little surprise to anyone that he did most of his hunting at night. Living as a ranger also allowed him to keep his distance from those who might find his appearance or manner unsettling. Gradually, he grew more distant from the elvish and nearby human communities, and wasn’t seen for extended periods at a time. When he would make an appearance and was asked his business, he would usually respond, ‘gathering word of quarry.’

Then for a extra-long span of time, he wasn’t seen in any of the nearby villages. Eventually, a human who deemed him a friend saw a non-descript blind beggar and after some doubletakes recognized VeldrinChath. He of course pressed his old hunting companion for details regarding this startling transformation. As the explanation came, he noticed that the transformation wasn’t as extreme as it had initially appeared. The sharp features were unchanged, his stance strong and firm, he had the same swords and quarterstaff; but now he wore dark robes and a blindfold in addition. The explanation included something about escaping the deception of appearances and assumptions. This did not seem a path of good hunting so the old friend did not pursue the wanderer. Story of this change in VeldrinChath’s life circulated in the pubs for a time, but no one sought him out so he was able to fade into obscurity as far as general town life was concerned.


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